Medical transcription will recapture up to 66% of lost productivity and revenue
EMR Patient Records do NOT protect you in a court of law. Read blog below.
EMR DOES NOT guarantee better patient safety
EMR/EHR DOES NOT provide Quality Patient Care
EMR/EHR Increases the operating costs of your facility or practice.
Medical transcriptionists work with EMR systems - maintaining Government compliance
Prevent copy and paste fraud with the Federal Government.
With over 20 years of medical documentation process, we have numerous options to meet the Federal guidelines for electronic records and Meaningful Use Requirements.

We have solutions - call 352-379-8259 or
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We take the hassle out of assembling medical summaries.
Medical Professionals
U.S. Government Agencies
Insurance Companies

We have been entrusted to transcribe
over 1 million
classified and confidential documents.

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Professional Photographic and Video Production

Professional Video recordings made for product demo or quicker explanation
Statistically - clients and customers prefer a quick synopsis VIDEO on a website.
Product and portrait photography
Digital Document Restoration
Digital Retouching

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“Lawyers smell blood in electronic medical records”

By Deborah J. Manos Physicians and medical administrators were easy seduced with the promises of lower operating costs and better quality patient care.  The government mandated Hitech Act was meet with little to no debates or complaints raised by physicians and medical providers.   Without analytics or prior feasibility testing, organizations eagerly dumped their transcription

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Real Doctors’ Comments on Hiring Scribes..

  GOOD STUFF – DOCTORS COMMENTS ON THE REALITY OF HIRING SCRIBES AND EHR/EMR: Dr. Montgomery Timms Jun 25, 2014  Great, now thanks to government’s demand for complete control of healthcare via the meaningful use of EHR’s, physicians are less productive, the chart is less useful and informative, and we are now forced to create

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Telling  Lies and Making Promises that can’t be kept.  by Deborah Manos We’re moving into 2015 and healthcare continues to take a beating.  From the onset much of this was so predictable.  The idea of a universal EHR/EMR is grandiose in theory – but without preliminary testing for positive measurable outcomes  it was  questionable and

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Nick Manos with his ever present camera

Know Your Rights as a Photographer

By Deborah Manos Forty years ago taking pictures was an expensive proposition with a steep learning curve.  Using Camera equipment took practice, determination and creative thought.  Photographers and hobbyists were a rarity in society.  Visual documentation was highly regarded as artistic and unique endeavor.   Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, my father was the documenter who

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The Medical Chart and Deterioration of Patient Care

The Medical Chart: Ground Zero For The Deterioration Of Patient Care April 21st, 2014 by Dr. Val Jones in Opinion, True Stories For the past couple of years I’ve been working as a traveling physician in 13 states across the U.S. I chose to adopt the “locum tenens lifestyle” because I enjoy the challenge of working with diverse teams of

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Your Child’s Medical Record – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.

By Deborah Manos WHAT IS IN MY CHILD’S MEDICAL FILE? As your child drew a first breath they had their first medical document started.   This essential medical record is a legal documents chronicling the medical events, exams, treatments, vaccinations, diagnostics/results, surgeries, medications, allergies and mental status of your child.  This medical history will accompany your

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Law Enforcement Documentation

by Deborah Manos Law Enforcement Documentation is becoming increasingly more important.  With the advent of social media and viral news reports, providing written, accurate details of events protects everyone. There is no doubt that concise, impartial and promptly documented investigations by third party transcription services, provides confidence and builds strong relationships between the community and

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